Everything within the past 9 months + all photos are my own.

I have been documenting my travels as I make my way around the country

| I steal souls with my camera |
| I create things so prove my existence |
| I currently am still a human |

I'm trying to spread my influence.
New state every week.


I used my fingers to pull the bone from seals flesh
Found myself in unfamiliar territory, I ran, I ran.
I found myself safe in spock’s arms, you watched over me.
Protected me, helped me, directed me.
The words scared me yet again, my body betrayed me
I ran I ran I ran

Now Here I am alone crying over you
Theres never going back

Theres one sentance you’ll never ever hear from me again

"It’s not like I’ll never see you again"

Johhny ray Johhn ray,

My favorite love story, bonnie and Clyde.  This is their original wanted poster or one of them.

My favorite love story, bonnie and Clyde. This is their original wanted poster or one of them.


Lady Ming Chartreuse
Circa 2012
35 mm

We were traveling down the high way all five people including myself, with the addition of three dogs. It was after we hit up a cheap gas station in North Dakota, heading west on I-90 towards Montana that we hit real troubles. The 1976 Dodge Rv I had bought was wheezing and dragging uphill. The gas we had gotten was worse than high fructose syrup for a diabetic baby for my ol’ girl. We were going 35 mph in a 75 mph zone. Flashers on, switching from the right lane to the shoulder just in case some idiot didn’t realize how slow we were going.

Eventually we hit the Painted Canyons pulled over and started called resources. We pulled together a plan as we puffed our last bit of patience. Through a collection of friends we found a number of these travel friendly people in the small town of Glendive, Montana. Glendive was about 35 miles away from our location, but we were also still having issues with the Rv. We got ahold of the couple in Glendive, their names were Marcia and Neil Young…

I will finish writing later…